Last time, we talked about how to make your brand effective instead of “just pretty”.

I thought an example might be helpful.

Here’s a sample of a brand strategy for a launching company. I’m going to post it one step at a time (otherwise, it will get long!)

And, this is a midline-level of detail. The more detailed you get about your brand strategy, the better!

1. Where you’re going: (This section of your brand strategy would cover things like:)

  • Launching a new coaching company.
  • Launching to this audience: Women entrepreneurs who have families and who want to get more work/ personal/ family balance in their lives. They want to maintain their success in their business and take really great care of their families, while having family fun and carving out some personal time for their hobbies, interests, health and relaxation.
  • Location: In Palo Alto. Local marketing is possible.
  • Financial goal: $125,000 in the first year. Working 35 hours/week.
  • Services offered: One-on-one coaching, group coaching, webinars, and live workshops. Running the webinar 2x/year with 30 participants, and 2 live workshops with 70 participants.
  • Future vision for the business: In three years, I have a mastermind group with 40 participants. I’ve written my book. I am known in my field as the expert in business-family-life balance. I run 3 courses – one for expectant entrepreneurs who want to learn balance early, one for entrepreneurs with young children and one for entrepreneurs with teenagers. I offer “personal time” retreats for entrepreneurial women twice a year – where we don’t work, and don’t have to take care of our families. I’m making $500,000/year.