Clients can tell the moment they start talking to you whether your brand is real or if it’s not.

This feeling typically crops up in the form of suspicion – which you really don’t want to instill in your clients and prospects.

You don’t want them to start their relationship with you wondering what they’re sensing that’s “off”.

Thinking you’re a little bit shady.

That there’s something you’re not telling them.

That your brand doesn’t match your personality, or that your services don’t measure up.

Scratching their heads and struggling to catch up because your image says one thing – but your image is actually old and you haven’t updated it to match your new vision.

Suspecting that you’ve overpromised in your brand. Or even feeling that you might have underpromised – that you sound more expansive than your brand looks.

If your brand inspires any of these suspicions, it’s time to realign!