Is your brand an accurate reflection of what it’s like to do business with you? Does it help your business rise to the top? Or, does it trip you up, miss the mark with your clients and make you fall flat?

Your brand has to reflect you – in some ways.

When you’re the driving force behind a small, service-based business, it naturally follows that your brand will share some common ground with your personality. After all, your business is based on your mission, your talents and your desire to  make a positive impact with your clients.

Your brand should reflect what it’s like to do business with you – not your personal taste in design.

Your image should show your clients what they’ll feel like after they work with you.

How about an example? Let’s say that there’s an implementation coach – I’ll call her Julie. She’s very dynamic in her work, and teaches her clients to set aggressive goals and achieve them.

Her favorite color is a soft baby blue.

If she tried to use that baby blue as the main color in her brand, she’d have a major communication crisis on her hands.

Baby blue is a soothing color, meaning peace, calm and harmony.

If Julie’s brand was baby blue, her clients would take one look at her website and expect a calming experience.  The clients who would be most attracted to that brand would be those who want to take the stress out of implementation on their projects.

When they talk to Julie, though, she’s excited and more than ready to jump in and expand their project’s scale.  She’s talking a mile a minute about action steps, big goals and getting things done quickly.

Not quite the comforting experience that was expected, now is it?

In Julie’s case, her style would be more accurately reflected in a brand centered around a warm, exciting and dynamic color palette. It would reflect her energy and the emotional experience of doing business with her, and set her client’s expectations to the right frequency.

Color is just one of the many ways that your business’s personality can be reflected in your brand.

When all of the design elements in your company image show the experience that your clients get when they work with you, your brand will help you rise to the occasion and to the top of your field!