The pacing of your brand can show different personality traits for your business as well. Here’s what I mean:

You know how some people are speed-along, action-oriented, getting-it-done people? And others are more thoughtful, methodical, and take their time with things?

You can show which type you are in a couple of ways in your brand. Here are the opportunities you have to show your pace in your brand:

1. The interval of time that you let pass between launches. If you’re the speedy type, then less time will pass. If you’re more methodical, more time will pass.

2. The urgency of your words in your brand. Write your brand like you speak – including the level of urgency that you typically use when approaching a project.

3. The warmness or coolness of colors in your brand and photography. Warmer colors suggest speed, while cooler colors suggest calm.

4. The emotion behind your images and designs. “Fast” designs may have tall, skinny fonts in italics. More methodical designs will probably have rounder, wider, heavier serif fonts. The emotion in your photos is also critical – do the people in your photos seem relaxed, or in action?

Matching your designs to your pace helps you communicate better with your clients from the start. They’ll see what to expect.

Pacing your brand right can also help you to get clients whose needs match your pace – if you’re the methodical type, but always working with clients whose projects are “ASAP”, then that’s not a good fit.

Are you quick-quick, or slow and steady? And does your brand reflect that accurately?