I’ve been attending the List Building Telesummit  that Vrinda Normand is hosting and wanted to share some of the things I’ve learned from the experts:

“List building & building a fan base makes you a hero. Are you ready to be a hero & transform the world?” – Tellman Knudsen

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“Ask a stimulating question or make an invitation for expertise on your social media” –  Nancy Marmalejo

“Tell your relationship partners EXACTLY what you need from them to make the partnership a success.” –  Jeneth Blackert

“When you make an offer to your subscriber list (or when you offer your newsletter itself) focus on outcome NOT format of the delivery – what will people learn, not how many CDs they’ll get.” – Lisa Sasevich

“You’ve been your ideal client & experienced the same pain. That’s your wound and connects you with your clients” – Suzanne Falter-Barnes and Jeffery Van Dyk

“Success comes through a series of “small wins” when you’re setting up your email newsletter sign-up forms and promoting your newsletter to get subscribers – doing one thing every day.” – Adam Urbanski

You can sign up to attend the telesummit at http://ow.ly/4lJLE