I used to work in a design agency (fresh out of college). In the design agency world, they play an extremely irritating game that I refer to as “The Terrible Telephone”.

Here’s what I mean:
The client talks to the account manager, who talks to the creative director, who talks to the art director, she talks to the project lead who finally talks to the entry-level designer doing the project.

I call this “Telephone” after the children’s game: where a message gets passed along, but by the time it gets to the end it’s entirely different than at the beginning.The same thing happened in the agency.

The message I would get at the end of the telephone chain would be totally turned around from what the client was trying to say. So I’d do the designs as requested, and send them back up the chain – and the next message that cam down from “on high” would be about how I was totally off the mark and that what they really meant was something totallly different. As you can imagine, it was totally frustrating.

A lot of projects got re-worked because of bad communication.I started my business so I could talk to my clients directly & eliminate misunderstandings. The translation from what my clients say into what they want to see happens a lot more easily when I can hear their words, directly from them!