Symbols are incredibly powerful and can instantly convey your message – at a glance.

I’ve been working with highly symbolic graphic design for the last 10 years. And, I’ve designed over 450 symbolic brands that visually translate my clients’ message and brand position into terms that their clients can see, understand, remember and be moved by.

It’s like symbols beam the meaning behind your brand directly into your ideal clients’ minds. Symbols also pack an emotional punch – and can move and motivate your clients into action.

It’s the whole “pictures worth a thousand words” thing – if you show your audience exactly the message that they want to see in your brand, then they’ll respond much more powerfully to your offers (which means that they’ll buy!)

It’s my job to turn what a small business owner SAYS about their business into what their clients want to SEE.
Symbolism in graphic design delivers your message directly to the 65% of the population who are visual learners. If you strategically plan your brand’s message and then translate that into the language of symbols, you’ll captivate those visual learners and compel them into action!