Does your brand ever feel like your stuff’s all over the place? Do you have design shame, because you know your brand doesn’t look good or make sense to the people reading it? Do you apologize for your business card as you hand it out? Are you horrified of what people would think of your website if they Googled you?

That’s what it’s like when your brand is chaotic and out of control. You feel scattered, ashamed and hesitant to market. Your potential clients see the train-wreck that is your brand and move on to work with someone else. Your business and your bottom line suffer.

There’s a way to escape the chaos, and to create a classy brand that’s well-thought-out, professional, and makes clients want to hire you.

All you have to do is make a brand plan. That will get you 3 big benefits: Clarity, Consistency and Ease. Let’s talk about clarity in this article.


Your brand sends a loud-and-clear message about you. Do you want that message to be “I’m not sure what I’m doing or how I can help you, but PLEASE hire me?” When you don’t have clarity, that’s the signal that you’re sending out into the world.

And the world gets confused! People can’t tell what you’re talking about or if you’re an expert. They don’t feel like they can trust you to take on their very important project, so they don’t hire you.

When you get clear and completely focused about your brand, you can create one central message for all of your designs and written materials. Everything can sing the same song, loud and clear.

You get the benefit of focusing everything in your business, so you don’t feel scattered or “all over the place” – you know exactly what you’re doing, how to talk about it and what you can do to serve your clients.

And your clients can see that. They love being told directly and exactly what you’re all about… so they can easily make the decision to work with you and have the confidence that they’ve made the right decision.

This clarity is the first thing to create in your brand plan because all of the other parts of your brand will connect back to it.