First, determine the “path to working with you” that you want your visitor to experience. For example:
1. Sign up for my newsletter.
2. Get started w/ my intro product.
3. Learn more in a strategy session.
4. Then tell them to hire you for transformational work!

Everything on your site should clearly guide them through this path.

Other website must-haves:

  • A strategic plan for maximizing the site’s effectiveness.
  • A look and feel that matches your other online and printed marketing materials.
  • Design that is clear, clean, consistent and gorgeous.
  • Copy is compelling and addresses their wants, needs and desires.
  • User-friendly links and navigation so that people can find what they’re looking for easily.
  • Information that answers their questions and showcases your expertise to establish credibility.
  • A complete set of internet marketing tools to support and coordinate with your website – like a newsletter, social media graphics, sales pages, opt-in pages, etc.