Without a cohesive look and feel, and a consistent message, you don’t really have a brand – you have a bunch of stuff that you’ve wasted time and money designing, writing and putting together.

Consistency means that all of your materials look and sound alike. It means that you have the same logo on everything – and if you have more than one logo in your company (for example, for different products) that those logos go together. It also means that your colors, fonts, background colors, texture, patterns, and photos all match from piece-to-piece.

That way, your website winds up looking like it’s related to your business card. Your email newsletter resembles your PowerPoint template, and so on.

And your marketing messages are consistent – what you say in your website sounds like the stuff you send out in your newsletter. Your tagline is the same across all of your materials.

This consistency creates a professional appearance, makes your business look established and gives your business credibility. When everything matches everything else, your clients can see that you’re paying attention to the details in your brand. Everything looks classier, and you send the impression that you know what you’re doing.

You set up all of the consistent elements of your brand in your brand plan – and then all you have to do is refer back to the plan when you’re creating new materials.