Seriously. Just don’t do it.

I just spent 9 months wondering why no one ever commented on my blog.

And today I realized that I hadn’t actually turned on the ability to comment in my blog template.

I’d been looking at my own designs all this time – and couldn’t really see them. So please, when you – or even you + your designer – are looking at your own stuff… DON’T try to review it alone!

When you’ve been working closely with your own stuff, or when a designer has been designing it… you reach a point when you can’t really see it anymore. You’ve all looked at it for way too many hours and you can’t see it objectively anymore – you’re stuck in the details.

And you need to bring in some outside perspective to help you along!

So, find a few willing souls to really look at your new stuff… and make sure they know they’re supposed to be tough on it. Encourage them to tear it apart to make it better. That’s exactly what you need!