Here’s an assessment to see if your site is well designed to harness the power of “One Thing”.

Getting them to do “One Thing”

  • How clear is your website that you want them to do that “One Thing”?
  • Does that “One Thing” get lost in the shuffle of everything else you’re talking about and offering?
  • Can they do that “One Thing” from every page of your site (you never know what page they’ll come into your site on)?
  • Is your offer for the “One Thing” compelling to your ideal client?
  • Have you made your “One Thing” irresistible?
  • Is the “One Thing” extremely obvious?
  • Does the design around the “One Thing” make it stand out?
  • Does the rest of the design on the page encourage the visitor’s eye to move to your “One Thing”?
  • How easy do you make it for them to do that “One Thing”?