You may have noticed that big things have been going on in my business this year. I’ve been stepping up my game and creating a more clear, concise and polished brand than ever before. And people have been asking me what has changed, and how I’ve done it.

See, it’s my business’s 10th birthday TODAY. And I decided earlier this year that it was time to stop playing small and going around in circles, trying to figure out what my brand was all about. I felt stuck and was frustrated that after all that time in business, things still hadn’t gotten any easier. And I was tired of it.

And I had a mission… I knew that it was time to get out there and teach heart-centered entrepreneurs the things I’ve learned about designing effective brands for small businesses over the past decade (it’s a whole different game than designing brands for big companies!).

I knew that the first step was to admit that I had an embarrassing problem. My brand was unclear, and had been for years. My clients and potential clients were very confused about what I could do for them. My message was a tangled-up train wreck. And after almost 10 years in business, I wasn’t able to break that 6-figure barrier (and that was the most embarrassing part of all)!

I’d been helping my clients get clear about their businesses and build more effective brands that convert sales for years. And I’d never done my own work for myself (we all know how hard it is to do whatever we do for ourselves, right?)

I buckled down to it, and got clear, certain and confident about my business and my message.

Since I got clear, REALLY good things are happening in my business. In the past couple of months, I’ve been speaking on big stages, I have a waiting list to work with me one-on-one and my business has been more profitable than ever before!

When you get clear about your brand, you can:

  • Stop “thinking about it” and get clear and certain and start taking ACTION in your business
  • Say what your business is all about in a clear and powerful way
  • Express the value of your services and get paid what you’re worth
  • Get your ideal clients to understand what you do and make them want to hire you
  • Increase your sales conversion with your brand
  • Work less on your brand and marketing while getting better and better results

“See” you on the call!

Be brilliant,


P.S. Here’s what Michele PW (Your $Ka-Ching!$ Marketing Strategist) had to say about my transformation after I got clear: “I met Erin several years ago and her transformation has been nothing short of incredible. I was SO moved by her story on stage (not to mention the extent she was able to transform herself) …” On this call I’ll reveal how I transformed myself and got clear and how you can, too!