Say you want to host a telesummit, giveaway or event (online or off) where the speakers pay-to-play. Perhaps you want to make sure that you recoup your investment for design, copywriting and coordination. Maybe you’re doing the telesummit, giveaway or event as an income stream. Perhaps you’re offering speaking slots to people who don’t have huge lists or reach and so you’re requiring an initial investment instead.
Whatever the case or cause, here are some ideas for increasing the value they get from buying in:
  1. How can you increase their reach? Giving them better list-building results will increase the value automatically.
  2. Who can you introduce them to directly? Can you have a way for your participants to meet each other and network – say, a private Facebook group just for them, with some planned engagement and interaction, so they can get to know each other and extend their networks that way?
  3. Can you bring your other skills to the party and enrich their experience? For example, I know a health coach who has a lot of business expertise. She could create a little training for the participants that teaches them how to maximize the opportunity.
  4. Ask others to create training for your speakers. The key would be to niche this down to a very specific transformation, in the smallest time investment possible – make it really value-packed. So that busy people can consume it, be wowed and get huge transformation. Short, sweet, to-the-point and amazing…
  5. Bring on sponsors and get your participants a deal with said sponsors. That could be cool and innovative…
  6. Invite people to a live event “meet and greet and bit of education” 1-day… a huge value-add for speakers. They could meet each other and get a bit of training.
  7. Prizes! People seriously (heart) prizes. I saw a whole livestream class (with a decent price point) today whipped into a frenzy over the promise of future prizes. So, pick something to incent – high-performing affiliates? Though there might be another prize for something else – one for most sign-ups, another for something more attainable for everyone so that everyone can have a sense of getting to play?