The other day, I posted this Tweet:
Clean out your website: I think of it as hacking through the underbrush with a machete and clearing a nice, clean path for visitors. 🙂

I got this back from user PartyBizConnect:
@erinferree The tough part is figuring out where to start on cleaning out my blog.

Which prompted this simple 5-part answer:

  • Check your stats to make sure you’re not deleting popular posts.
  • Then, trash or “draft” the irrelevant, outdated or now-embarrassing.
  • Trash old promotions that no longer apply.
  • Next, see if you can pull content off the blog to repackage into special reports or ebooks.
  • Finally, revisit your categories and see if you can reorganize them to make things easier to find.
If you were simplifying your blog, what else would you get rid of?