Today I’m thrilled to introduce you to my friend, Valencia Ray, here to share another way to look at branding. Enjoy!

Branding from your “True Essence” is the power behind authentic branding. For 21st century business success, collaboration and connection is more important than ever. Going, going – gone – are the days when a “Lone Ranger” attitude and competition thrives in the marketplace.

In order to thrive, particularly in the small business arena, one needs to come from “who you really are”. Relationship reigns. People are more intuitive now than ever before, and this is a good thing in my eyes. This is where our powerful brain can trip us up. It’s not the fault of the brain. The brain/mind nervous system is a marvel to behold. The problem is HOW we wire it.

Typically, most people come from a place of comparing themselves to others and wanting to “fit in” at all costs. This blocks our heart and comes from a place of fear and competition. This will not work well anymore. A good 95% of who we think we are and what runs our life is in our subconscious mind; our feeling nature. It limits what we think we can be, do or have for most people.

In fact, we are conditioned to come from a starting point of “doing” to “get or have” and then we think we can “be” successful. This is totally backwards. Yet it takes courage to start with “being”. We need to make the time to reflect and learn how to let go of self-limiting stories around our self-identity that hold us back from bringing our business talents and message to the world. Then we can “be real”. We can then have the powerful insights we need to come up into our awareness to create our “real” brand.

A self-aware business owner is one who has cultivated confidence and self-acceptance from the “inside out”. This is the way to a brand that is uniquely YOU and calls out to your ideal client. When you “hit your pitch”, coming from your soul’s unique calling and vibe, then those you are meant to help can “see” you. This is also a practical way to integrate spiritual, emotional, mental and physical aspects of our self.

Those brain “stories” (this is literal according to brain research) are the gateway to tapping into our true inner genius and potential. When we understand how to release these stories, or, “cataracts of the soul” we can see our authentic brand, we can see our True Self. This is the way to create a brand that is authentically YOU that boosts your visibility in the noisy marketplace. It is created by collaboration between your own Mind and Heart – the “Ultimate Power Couple”.

So, as you reflect on the real YOU, and create your brand, ask, “Who am I – really” and “Why” do I want to bring this message/product/service to the world?

Brand is “energy” – not just a catchy tag line or visual. It reflects your deeper intention. When we “retrain our brain” to make friends with our inner critic and become more self-accepting and mindful, we are truly able to hear the inspiration that creates a brand that stands out in the crowd. It will be our unique brand. We will be much less afraid to shine and stand out.

As Oscar Wilde said, “Just be yourself; everyone else is taken”.

I say, simply “Be YOU, Magnificently.

What are your thoughts?