Merry, Happy everything to all of you! Whatever you’re celebrating this time of year, I wanted to send along a last-minute gift I made for you.

I wrote a complete how-to guide called “Invite Brand Engagement with Free and Low-Cost Stock Images”, and it’s yours for the downloading.

You see, I’ve been doing some testing and have found that photos significantly increase brand engagement in blogs, websites, sales letters and on Facebook.

I’m guessing you have personal experience with this. Aren’t you more likely to read copy when it’s accompanied by an expressive image? I know I am.

I also have been hearing so many small business owners express frustration over all thetime wasted searching for that perfect image, or spending a fortune on premium photos.

So I went ahead and put together this handy and info-packed report. It’s a complete guide to finding great photos for your brand, at no- or little-cost to you.

You’ll LOVE this if:
  • You’ve ever wasted time searching for the “just-right image”
  • You’ve ever spent a small fortune on premium photos for your site and marketing materials
  • You know your images need an upgrade, or you just don’t have enough images
  • You want to find unique photos that the rest of your industry isn’t already using!

And this is a real gift – no strings attached, no opt-in, no nothing!

Just click the link below to download your copy:

p.s. I also invite you to give this away freely to your people. Go ahead and attach the report in an email, or send them directly to the link to pick up their own copy. You have my permission to share the love freely, in any way you like.