I flopped a program launch last year.

There, I said it. I did the whole launch sequence and had absolutely no one sign up for the class. No one.

It was a big, sloppy, belly-flop… and it stung!

And, recently, a colleague who shall remain nameless had the same experience… so I know I’m not alone.

I’ve had a bit of distance from my flop, so I could form that hurt into actual advice. Here’s how I dealt with it.

  • Find the silver lining: ask yourself, “what is there to learn from this experience” and, “what have I learned that I didn’t know/ couldn’t do before”?
  • Ask your clients about it: get right out there and ask why they didn’t sign up or didn’t buy. while you’re at it, see how you could serve them better (maybe they want one-on-one coaching instead of learning in a group, for example)
  • Look at other factors: timing. competition. technology snafus. stock-market fluctuations. current events. you never know…
  • Get more specific: perhaps your offer’s too general to grab people. see if you can get in there and get more specific about it so that it becomes more interesting and perks up peoples’ interest.
  • Pout a bit and then move on: kick your feet, fuss a bit about it, and lick your wounds. then get right back into it and keep on keeping on.

And now, on a happy flopping note… have you seen the corgi flop? Click here to play it: