Danielle LaPorte asks – what do you want to revolutionize? Specificially, quoting:

And than this occurs to me: I want to LIVE a revolutionary life. I want the speck my planetary me-ness to be fully charged. Me, leading…me. That’s the only dominion I truly have. And it’s enormous.

How you live is how you lead.
Bleed. Heal. Shout. Pray.
Just keep going.
YOU and that life of yours are the revolution.

Right now, as we speak, I’m up late revolutionizing the ebook.

Doing some soon-to-be-launched big-zness (that’s short for big-business in my head) around creating ebooks that are more than just words on a page…

that take full advantage of the hot technology available now to make your message into an interactive ebook experience.

Because I believe that in order to learn, get onboard with and really get into your message, people have to be invited to play with it.

For your ebook, your free gift, this means they get to read it, watch it, touch it, poke it, notate it, listen to it and see it… all at once.

It’s all the learning styles playing together in a big delicious pile at once. And oh-so-good for the brain!

Your tribe, your people… they all get to really learn from you, in their way, before they do anything else with you. And that takes responsiveness and reaction to a whole new level.

Plus, people just bond with you faster and (heart) you more.

Telling all the how in my call on Wednesday. Which I’m still writing now so I’ll just give you the link and get right on back to it… -> http://brandstyledesign.com/biglist