So many small business owners want to talk about what they do.

That’s “the facts” behind your business.

Facts are good – they answer all sorts of basic questions. And, when you want to take things deeper and increase engagement and connection in your brand…

Look beyond facts to feelings.

Feelings create richer, more meaningful experiences. They help people understand one another. They help people see themselves in your business – and decide if they like you. They bring people and businesses together.

You get to design the emotions your business creates.

And designing those emotions starts with choosing the “feeling profile” you’d like your business to have.
Here’s a starting compass…

  • Feminine? Masculine?
  • Looking up to or talking directly with?
  • Smarty-pants or approachable?
  • Making them more comfortable or getting uncomfortable to get results?
  • Quick or longer-processed?
  • Easy or super-detailed?
  • Innovative or tried-and-true?
  • Conversational or consultative?
  • Spiritual or not so much?
  • Inspired or aspired?
  • Accountable or supported?
Keep going from here… create a description of how you want people to feel when they work with you.