Spot-check: on your ebook!

Your gift is often one of the first interactions a client will have with you – you want to make sure that it’s good!

How old is your free report?

  • When was the last time you opened and read it?
  • Has it been a little while? Is it “dusty”? I know it’s a PDF or an eBook, but you know what I mean.
  • (Have you even looked at it since you set it up?)

How’s that content looking?

  • Does it talk about a topic that leads into your current offers?
  • Does it cover a topic that you’re even coaching/consulting/training on or doing anymore?
  • Is it interesting and engaging? Do you want to read it, or do you find it hard to slog through?

Does it work for your clients?

  • Is it as advanced as you or your customers now are and do you need to bring it out of the basics?
  • Is the information in it correct? Have there been advances in your thinking?
  • Does it offer immediate value for your clients?

Does it make sales?

  • Is the call-to-action text the best you can currently write?
  • Is the next step you’re asking them to take still the right next step for your services?
  • Are subscribers converting to clients from the eBook?

How does it look?

  • Does it look gorgeous?
  • Are the photos good? (Do you even have any photos in it?) Does the headshot you’ve got on your About page actually look like you!
  • Does it match your brand?

The final question:

Are you proud of it? If someone you really respect read it, would you be happy or embarrassed?