“I’ll do that soon.”

“Later, when I have time.”

“I’ll put that on the to-do list.”

These are all the kiss of death for leaping on a cutting-edge brand-new trend.

Because, the instant a new idea is born, it starts getting older.

There’s a magic-full moment when a trend or technology is first discovered. When it’s just been released.

When no one has jumped on it yet.

This moment is your opportunity, oh dearest small business owner.

You thought leaders! You entrepreneurs!

You have such the competitive advantage here.

Your business is nimble. You can move quick, like a bunny!

You can see a new slice of awesomeness and hop to it – getting it put in place for your business before anyone else on the block even sees the potential.

By being first, you get to blaze a trail. You get to build up the credibility that comes with leading. And, you get to grab the attention and the buzz that comes with doing something that’s truly new.

Plus, you get to look all fancy-pants and innovative. People dig that!

You just can’t wait. 

Because when you wait, you lose your chance.

When you sit still instead of springing to it, you’re letting your idea down.

When you write it on your someday list, you’re letting it go stale.

The instant you decide to hang back and let someone else go first, you’re handing over your cutting-edge advantage.

So, make like a bunny, and hop-spring-jump on making it happen!