Did you know I used to have blue hair?

Back in college, I dyed my hair all sorts of bright colors – fire engine red, bright blue, hot pink. And this was way before dying your hair was really socially acceptable.

What happened to that cutting-edge streak (and that hair streak)?

Well, when I started my business right out of college, I thought I had to put a stop to my out-of-the-ordinary ways. I let my hair grow back out, so I’d look like a normal businessperson.

And I started following formulas, systems and “the rules”.  That never exactly worked for me. It felt icky, not particularly fun and it was so much harder than it needed to be!

After 10 years of trying to do it their way, I’ve decoded to say, “No more!” and do things MY way.

I’ve been doing that over the past couple of months… testing out a bunch of new, interesting and cutting-edge things.

Here’s the most exciting part: they’ve been working! I’m getting 900% more subscribers than before, more people are hiring me and I’m enjoying it a WHOLE lot more.