I spent a big honking chunklet of time the other lovely day trying to write an article for my newsletter. Trying, trying, trying. And flailing!

(I’ve decided that flailing is the new word for failing… More on that here)

I was going to write a “3 Mistakes You’re Making With Your Free Gift” article. An old spin on a new topic.

Simple, right? Oh, noes… Not at all the happy typing walk in the park I had planned.

After hours of looking at blank pages, reading dozens of doomy, gloomy mistakes articles, and fighting the desire to beat my head against the wall… I showed some mercy on myself and called it quits for the night.

I haven’t gone back to the article (even though it has been giving me stink-eye from the to-do list).

Today, I realized the duo of why…

1. Starting with mistakes feels icky to me. 

I know that some readers do get their curiosity hackles raised from the mistakes model.

But I also clearly know that this model is not for me.

I want to write articles that are happy and helpful! That don’t freak my clients out by shining the light on what they may be doing wrong… because its cruel to leave them buzzing around in their own brains wondering how badly they’ve f’ed up, with no one there to easily turn to for advice. Maybe their mistake is a 2 on a scale  to 10, and just needs a bit of sparkle-polish.

2. Everybody else is doing the 3 mistakes model.

Every single Internet marketer PLUS myself in a past life has written the requiried 3 mistakes you’re sure to be making in your blah blah blah that will DESTROY EVERYTHING YOU’VE EVER CREATED – oh no! (isn’t that exactly what they’re all called?)

I’m doing a little jig of zigging when they zag… so since everyone’s doing it, so must I not go near it with a 1000-foot pole. I will pave my own way with my articles, telling people what I think they’ll find useful and whatever genius thoughts happen to zap into my head from the inspiration beyond!