A few days ago, I wrote about being a gemini and how that twin-fluence has me moving in two directions at once… talking about inviting (not icky) branding and ways to build your big list with interactive eBooks.

Like a big fork in the road. (don’t you LOVE that photo?)

At least, that’s how looked at first. What on earth could inviting branding and cutting-edge big-list building ebooks REALLY have in common?

Here’s the story…

The Inviting Branding interactive eBook started it all.

I got inspired to design this fabulous eBook because I wanted to use some cool new technology to create a book that would appeal to everyone and inspire them to really play with my content to learn in a whole new way.

And, because I didn’t just want to make a plain-jane, blah-blah ebook with my thought leadership!

It was fun. It was cool. I went from “idea” to “published author” in a weekend.

Then, the real excitement and rumblings started. Other people thought it was cool. They wanted to know what it was, how it worked, how I made it. AND my list started growing by bucketfuls.

People were responding to not only the ultra-coolness of the interactive ebook itself, but also to my use of Inviting Branding Principle #8: Generously Give Awesome Party Favors.

And, that’s how Inviting Branding became cutting-edge and how I realized I had to teach this stuff now.

Of course, if you want to know more about how to use generosity and awesome party favors in your business – specifically, to make an interactive ebook that’s interesting and encourages your clients to read it and follow through… check out The Future of the eBook, a short course coming your way very soon.