Inquiring minds want to know: why would you want to create a free eBook as a gift now?

After all, there are so many hot, new formats… like video. Why not just make some videos and ride that wave?

Because videos alone aren’t enough.

The short of it is that there are a lot of people out there – people who want to hear your message – who don’t connect with video alone.

So you’re missing them.

we’re entering the eBook renaissance…

The stars are aligning for ebooks in several lovely and practical ways right at this very moment. This combination of factors are breathing life back into eBooks.

You may be thinking, eBook, schmeebook… wasn’t that format dead years ago! And it was limping along there for a moment, clearly suffering; and I know it’s hard to believe, that this old format is having a resurgence now.

Here are 5 of the shiny, shiny highlights of what’s brightening the horizon:

1. People have fallen in love with their eReaders – their iPads, Kindles, and everything else. This love affair has even trained people to like reading ebooks on screens more than they did in the past – which means that more eBooks are being read and even devoured than ever before. And, it’s even awakened some dormant reading enthusiasts – people who loved reading once, and then drifted away are coming back to reading because of the shininess that technology brings.

2. In a loud, loud world… the well-written, well-crafted word grabs attention. There are so many chatty opportunities for your audience to learn these days with people talking to you – videos, audios, teleconferences, webinars and so forth… that you can really make a mark and an impression by using words well.

3. eBooks are not just writing anymore.There’s technology available now that makes it possible to create eBooks that are more than just text or even just text and images: interactive eBooks. You can embed videos, slide shows, image galleries, quizzes and more. This may seem contradictory to the above point, when in fact it’s complimentary – you can deepen your clients’ learning and add so much value and juice to your eBook by weaving spectacular written content in with a few pops of interactivity for people to play with.

4. The bar of beauty has been raised. Craft and beauty are being noticed, appreciated and valued… and in many cases, even expected. Your clients are getting more and more used to seeing increasingly gorgeous marketing, gifts and “stuff” come out of all sorts of small businesses. They’ve gained a taste for fine design. Luckily, this is becoming easier to do.

5. Beautiful and interactive eBooks have suddenly become easy to build. Even non-tech-savvy people can now create ebooks that are better and more engaging than ever before.