There’s been a renaissance of beauty in the past several months. Websites, writing and video marketing has all become significantly more gorgeous.

Beauty is being noticed, appreciated and valued in a big way… people share beautiful things on Facebook and Pinterest more often than ever before. Things that look and sound gorgeous are more likely to gain a following.

If you want to gain more attention with your brand, beauty is the way to go. Beautiful things make people sit up and take notice of what you’re doing, and pay more attention to your message. It’s among the best tools you have to make a fabulous first impression.

Beauty makes your clients happier, and makes them feel good when they think about you.  That warm and fuzzy feeling can go a long way towards making people feel more comfortable working with you and building trust.

When your materials look gorgeous, it can increase engagement – which means that people will stick around longer and learn more from you. Beauty can also increase engagement on a sales page – which means people will stay on your page longer to read and buy.

many cases, beauty is even expected. Your clients are getting more and more used to seeing increasingly gorgeous marketing, gifts and “stuff” come out of all sorts of small businesses. They’ve gained a taste for fine design, and they’re becoming less accepting of the “I’m a small business” excuse for having your brand and marketing not look good.  Luckily, looking good is getting easier to do.

Beauty is essential when your ideal clients are women – we love beauty and feel pampered by beautiful things and well-crafted experiences. Patterns, textures, jewel tones, and lots and lots of pictures appeal to women. Poetic text and rhythmic writing will draw women in as well.

However, if your audience is mostly men, they can also be well-served by beauty – for them, it just looks a bit different.  For men, use clean design and well-chosen images. Alignment of the elements in your design is essential. And, when it comes to writing, snappiness and directness count.

Regardless of who you work with, your videos and images should be high-quality – not fuzzy or grainy. Good lighting goes a long way towards creating a beautiful look. (I have a pair of professional, white-balanced studio lights that I use in all my videos, for example).

Fonts, too, can create a lot of beauty. Choose your fonts wisely and well. Pay attention to the spacing between lines and letters. Take advantage of customizable fonts online with tools like Google Web Fonts.

As can sound quality. Investing in a good microphone and using it in your videos and audio recordings can create a clearer message. Adding background music to your videos also makes them sound more pleasant, and adds atmosphere.

The final frontier in your brand for beauty is in the experience – how are you interacting with people? Are the free gifts you’re giving them beautiful, or are they just informative? Do your communications with your clients while you’re serving them go beyond practical to beautiful? How can you make them feel like they’re special?

The bar of beauty has been raised. How does your brand measure up?


A beautiful website design I just created: