Brainstorming ways to take the ICK out of my next affiliate campaign… for the summit.

The challenge:

How to give my champions enough info so they can spread the word easily – but not write one of those canned, droning, blah messages that you see so often. What have you seen that works, that adds personality and individuality?

The lay of the land: 

I’ve got both speaker-affiliates and my regular champions to be thinking about. Summit’s sneaking up soon-ish so the easier, the better.

The answers so far:

  • Get a writer to actually customize info for each person’s preferences (how they’d like to promote, what their topic is)
  • Have big fun and write a variety of short & sweet promos (shortness in email seems to be performing better for me lately + is easy)
  • Look at other kinds of “fun stuff” to pass around – drawings, possibly video
  • Look to Mad Libs for inspiration for more than just the subject line. Give people a variety of little blanks to fill in to add their flair
  • Something small for free first with summit registration? Would have to create it….
  • Tell people straight out that it’s a recommendation/ affiliate email at the beginning. Don’t pretend that they wrote it.
  • Just go for it and stop worrying!

The concerns:

  • How I can be in alignment with this in my approach to affiliating in my own business – how can I take the ick out of things I promote?
  • Why does spell check want to correct ICK to ice all the time?