If you don’t, then why not?

The back side of your card is the perfect place to offer a free gift.

Offering a free gift on your card lets you:

  • Start your new relationship with generosity
  • Give your new contact an easy way to experience your business
  • Give your new client a better understanding of what you do
  • Grow your list (if you want to… otherwise, you can give it away without asking for people to opt-in)

How to do it elegantly:

  • Create a gift that is truly a gift (not just a thinly-veiled sales pitch or a thing that makes the person experiencing it feel bad about where they’re at)
  • Put up a web page describing your gift
  • Make it easy for people to sign up to get that gift – OR offer it with no sign-up at all, if you choose to go in that direction
  • Create a very short description of your gift and call to action for the back of your card. Keep it short so that you can still design the back of the card beautifully and it doesn’t look cramped with an overwhelm of words.
  • You may want to call attention to the gift (as appropriate) when you hand out your cards so that people know they’ve got something to look forward to, waiting for them

What to give away:

  • Whatever you give away on your website.
  • Something special and unique that only business card holders can get.
  • A surprise.
  • Something that changes from time to time.
  • Your summit. Your report. Your advice. A recording. Your manifesto. An inspiration. A video series. A quote or question-of-the-day email. A short course. A long course. A sneak peek.
  • Whatever you can imagine!

Want to try this approach? Look out for tomorrow’s post (spoiler alert: I get the honor & privilege of giving away some free business card printing. How cool is that?)