Are your pages Pinnable?

I just tried to share a colleague’s free call via Pinterest… and when I clicked the “Pin It” button, it came back with no Pinnable content.

Pinterest is one of the fastest-growing social networking sites out there. And if you include a banner, badge or info-graphic on your page that looks beautiful and has a bit of info about your program, it will make your info easy to pin.

How to do it:

1. Create a swanky graphic. Make it cool-looking and hooky so it will be Re-Pinnable.

2. Include it somewhere on the page. Try to design it in elegantly. If all else fails, put it at the very bottom of the page. You can use this cool graphic to call attention to it:

3. Tell your friends and affiliates that they can pin your event. Pinning’s so new, people may not immediately think of it as a way to spread the word.

4. Create your own board and pin it there to get the party started.

5. Install the Pin It Button Plug-In to your WordPress to make your Pinnable content easy to share. Here’s more info on that:

Need ideas? Here are some examples of Pinnables I’ve used on my programs: