This is what I’m thinking about today: Early adopters.

In the innovative business – where you’re breaking new ground, doing cutting-edge stuff and pushing the boundaries, you’re looking at early adopters as a huge part of your client base. People who are willing to jump on something new early-on, instead of waiting around for everyone else on the block to get that new thing you’re doing before they’ll dive in.

So if you’re innovative, and you want clients in your programs and buying your products, it can help to look at what early adopters really want.

Are your ideal clients early adopters, or are they slower to jump on new things?

As shown by this graphic, early adopters tend to be more enthusiastic, and motivated by technology, features and design. They like “the cool factor”. They’re not afraid of beta-testing new ideas with you. They want to explore, experiment and play with you.

They typically have big opinions. They consider themselves “tastemakers” and “trendsetters”. They like being asked for their opinions and feedback.

Your small business brand should be designed and created to appeal to those early adopters. To encourage them to hop onboard with you.

And, how can you encourage your existing clients to move towards the enthusiastic end of the scale – either through making it safe to be an early adopter or being more enthusiastic and explorative yourself?


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