Every small business brand starts with a promise.

What you’ll do. What they’ll get. How you’ll help them. What they’ll feel like.

And, as we’ve all learned from campaigning politicians, it’s easy to make a promise. Harder to get people to believe your promise.

Here are a few ways to make better promises and improve your small business brand:

1. Get specific. The more general your promise is, the less people will believe you. Go into detail when you’re writing your offer so that people understand exactly what you’re promising.

2. Buff up your expertise. Research. Create thought leadership. Talk with other experts. Become believable by being able to talk all about it.

3. Start small. If you begin with a littler promise, and deliver on it, you’ll gain credibility. Plain and simple.

4. Tell people what you’re NOT promising. Let them know what you won’t do. Where the edge of your promise is. When they should go look for someone else. Setting the boundaries of the promise is very respectable.

5. Ask for feedback. Have someone else read your materials or listen to your explanation and find out what they think you promised. See if their interpretation is in line with what you meant.