I’d love to set the record straight, once and for all.

Your brand is not:

  • Your logo
  • Your website
  • That fancy thing you say when people ask “what do you do”?
  • Your company name
  • Your color palette
  • Your social media profiles
  • Your tagline
  • Your domain name
  • Your headshot
  • The way you dress + present yourself

All those things are expressions of your brand. But any one piece from the list above is not your brand.

Your brand is the way your clients think about you, feel about you and see you. It’s their perception of you. Your brand lives in your clients’ minds.

So how do you build your brand without resorting to icky mind-control tactics?

1. Set out a brand strategy – how you’d like t o come across. In a perfect world, how would your clients see you? Think about you? Feel about you?

2. Decide what you’d like to communicate through your brand – through the words, pictures and experience of doing business with you. (Notice that you’re communicating in all sorts of ways.)

3. Narrow what you want to say through your brand down to 3-5 basic concepts.

4. Ask your clients how they perceive you. Ask them what words and phrases come to mind when they think about you. See if this matches up with those 3-5 concepts you’re wanting to say.

5. See what you can do to bring what you want to say and your strategy ever-closer to how your clients perceive you. Close that gap by improving the expressions of your brand.


Let us know your 3-5 words in the comments below!