If you want to get more creative or innovative in anything you’re doing, my best advice is this: to get curious and ask better questions.

But what, in the name of robots, do I mean by “better questions”?

Get more specific, go deeper and dive in absolutely.

Don’t try to ask quick questions or answer too speedily.

Ask yourself, “Is this what’s really most important about this?” If the answer is, “not yet”, then keep refining the question.

Give yourself time to wallow around in the question. To think about it for a while. Sometimes, the greatest gift you can give a question is time.

Surface the question and then see what the world brings you once your attention is on it. You’ll have a whole new level of noticing once the question’s in your life.

Find someone you respect and ask them the question. Bat it back and forth – like kittens with a ball of yarn – and see where it takes you.

Find someone who’s your opposite and see what they think about the question.

Look at it closer-up. Then zoom wide and back way out.

Ask someone who knows a lot about your topic.

Then ask someone who knows nothing about it at all.