This question keeps coming up over and over again in my prep work for The Future of the Free Gift Summit

“How much should we give away for fre*e?”

“How much is too much?”

“If we keep upping the level of our fre*e things to add value is there a “dark side” of the free gift where people will start to expect too much of our work for fre*e and make charging for services more difficult?”

So I’ve decided to pre-tackle that question myself… in this video. Click and see, lovely one.

For you non-clicky types, here’s the summary version:

  • Give away enough. Enough to create a good impression of what you do. A good first taste. Enough to show them what you’re capable of… and how much you care.
  • Don’t hold back in their first experience of your brand.
  • How do you want to be in the first moment they have with you?
  • Give them enough to get started. Show your passion + personality. Your gift doesn’t have to be a magnum opus – it can be elegant + simple.

And, I’m going to ask lots of other cool people for their thoughts on this hot topic (no, not the store in the mall) during the Future of the Free Gift Summit. You can grab a seat for that right here.