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Giving readers a sneak peek of your book will yield increased book sales. A simple solution for providing a sample of your book to potential readers is for you to offer a free chapter of your book right from your website. This gives you control over what they receive and provides you with the opportunity to include a cover page and a compelling invitation for people to purchase your book or connect with you, at the end of the sample chapter. This also provides you with a way to grow your list of subscribers and create the opportunity for an ongoing relationship with new readers.

Create a Word document that includes:

  • Cover page
  • Table of Contents
  • About the Author and a Note from you
  • Free chapter
  • Back matter with a call to action or invitation to purchase your book
  • Page footer that includes the URL to your website along with the title of your book.

Save the Word document as a PDF file and upload it to a hidden page on your website. Include the cover image of your book and a link with instructions on how to access their download. Be sure to thank the reader for their interest in your book. You may want to include a graphic image which invites them to purchase your book on Amazon.

The reason you want to provide the PDF version rather than the Word version is that when people click on the link to a PDF file, it opens up the page online. When they click on the link to a Word doc file, they receive a pop-up box requesting permission to download a file, and this could scare of potential readers. Additionally, your content is more protected in a PDF file, rather than an editable Word document.

Set up an opt-in form on your site and invite people to enter their name and email address in exchange for a chapter of your book. This will provide an easy way for you to send them the link to your free chapter and provide you with the opportunity to begin building a relationship with them.

The most effective location for your opt-in box is at the top right of your website as that is where people are accustomed to seeing subscriber offers. Be sure to select an opt-in form that has the branded colors of your book and/or website and that you word your offer for a free chapter in a way that encourages people to share their contact information with you.

Be sure to include a warm note at the beginning of the free chapter as this is another way to being to build a relationship with your readers.

Have you ever purchased a book after viewing a sneak peek of the content? Do you have any questions about this process? Scroll down to share your thoughts and join in the conversation.

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