I’m running my summit this week – and I admit we’ve had a few technical hiccups so far with playbacks and downloads.

And that, my friends, is no fun. I want everyone to have a smooth listening experience. Especially since ease of listening reflects on my overall brand experience – if people can’t get the info I promised, then they’re rightfully going to be cranky-pantsed.

So, here’s how I’ve over-prepared in this arena, and how you can too:

  • I’ve chosen a reliable vendor (Instant Teleseminar).
  • I’ve prerecorded my sessions and uploaded them in advance to avoid dial-in problems.
  • In all of the emails that go out about the summit, I’ve offered listeners both the dial-in phone number and the webcast link so they can listen online.
  • On the recording delivery page, I’ve offered not one, not two but three options for listening – one player embedded in the page from Instant Teleseminar, one that links to the Instant Teleseminar replay page, and one that’s a WordPress plugin (WPAudio). Here’s what the 3 players look like on my replay page:

  • I’ve checked to make sure that at least one of these links works on iPads and iPhones.
  • I’ve had the site tested on Macs and PCs.

Of course, making sure I’m all technically sorted out is only half the battle – there are a host of things that could go wonky on the users’ side as well. I’ll write about handling that in the next post.