Some of the difficulties with this week’s summit have turned out to be on the attendee’s end.

It’s going to happen with any digital thing… you’ve prepped out the wazoo and still… one of your gorgeous clients says something’s broken.

You fly to your download page. Check all your auto responders. Click this, poke that… and then you begin to suspect….

It isn’t you.

Your stuff is all fine. Peachy, even.

And, so, since you’re into customer service, you don the troubleshooting hat and dive in.

What? Your tech support skills are sketchy at best? Well, that’s normal. After all, it’s not your genius.

And it’s probably making you want to tear your pretty hair right on out.

You’re throwing this whole summit party out of the generosity of your heart and spirit… and then your attendees are all in a tizzy because they can’t unwrap your gift with their technology bits.

Frustrating, Yes? Especially when technology’s not so much your cup o’ tea.

Let’s get you – and them – some peace of mind, shall we?

Here’s a few tech-support-like tips that should help your telesummit attendees get better service:

1. See my last post on Make Your Summit Better… From The Technical Experience Side – do everything you can to make sure people won’t have problems.

2. If you’re still hearing about difficulties, let’s do some very nice troubleshooting.

  • Make sure your links are all right. Might not hurt to re-copy and paste them just to make sure.
  • See if they can copy and paste the link into their browser.
  • Have them switch browsers.
  • Make sure they’re not listening on some kind of troublesome mobile device (certain players won’t work with mobile devices)
  • Have your client check to see if their Flash is up to date.
  • See if restarting their computer helps. It’s elementary… and often does the trick.
  • Offer a backup phone number along with the webcast. Just in case their computer’s totally wonky.
3. Get friendly with your teleseminar service’s tech support staff so that you can get deeper answers. Instant Teleseminar has been great about this for me.