You know that free gift that your beautiful new friends get when they sign up for your newsletter? Do you want to know how to make it more awesome than it already is?

Imagine for a moment that your free gift is absolutely amazing… that it has everything you want:

• Great content. Chock-full of inspired + inspirational stuff that really gets your new friends fired up.

• Beauty. It’s a thing to behold. Jaw-droppingly, track-stoppingly gorgeous.

• The cool factor. It’s presented in an innovative, shiny way (no dusty-musty plain-jane ebooks for you, no siree.)

• Sharability. People think it’s awesome and want to pass it around for you.

• A window into your very best work. It’s the best peek into your work that you could wish for. It makes you glow like a proud mama (or papa) every time you think about it.

• People opting in for it all the time. It’s growing your list, getting you clients, helping people and doing all those things that a fabulous gift ought to.

How can you make your free gift more awesome?

Where do you have room for improvement?

What would you need to know to make that happen?

For guidance on creating an amazing free gift that’s innovative, engaging and really works, join us for The Future of The Free Gift Summit: . You’ll hear from 10 of the most innovative free-gifters out there about what’s working now, what they did to make their gift super-cool and how you can use technologies, tips and tools to make yours awesome, too.