Here’s just a very few of the design projects I’ve been working on for my coach and entrepreneur clients lately:

For Finish Agent, a poster for their sponsorship of various events. This was a part of a set with a postcard design, giveaway item and a second poster as well.

Angela Minelli International needed a WordPress Website design that would appeal to her ideal client: women leaders who are fulfilling their purpose and want to master their bodies. I also created the logo and the CD design seen here.

Ignite Program: Mastermind Program Sales Packet. Kelly O’Neil had a live event and I designed this packet to pass out to the attendees to showcase her year-long mastermind and training program. The response was excellent, with over 25% of the room enrolling in the program on the spot.

Nina Price is a dynamic and quirky speaking personality and she needed a speaker one-sheet that reflected her personality.