I’ve been working on a passion project this summer. An experiment of sorts.

See, I’m a chronic overworker and underplayer.

I’ve been known to work around the clock far too often. And to not take time out to enjoy not working.

And I’ve decided (for a great many reasons – health, relationship and sanity among them) that it’s time to seriously concentrate on putting an end to that.

So I’ve been doing a little personal project behind the scenes.

It’s called the Summer Chill Project.


Focusing on not working around the clock, doing things the easy way, slowing down and savoring things.

Basically, chilling out more.

And I’ve been downright afraid to share this. That small voice in my head says, “What if people get the wrong idea, if they think that I’m not working any more, or I’m not available to work, or that I don’t want to work.”

So I will satisfy that tiny voice by saying, in very large type.

The chill project isn’t about not working.

It’s just about working in a different way, and from a different place.

How to work in a more relaxed way, to enjoy the work instead of getting all stressy and grindy about it.

Knowing when to say “enough”… enough for the day, enough for the week, enough for the month.

Learning to let ideas sit, bake, marinate and ripen. Not leaping into action immediately, all the time.

Getting off the computer and out into the summer a bit.

Get a taste of that freedom that’s why I started this whole business shindig.

So now that we covered that…

I’m telling you about this, finally, because I’m starting to feel like I’m living a split life – the chill side and the “professional” side. And when I have to start putting “professional” in quotes like that, then that’s a sure sign that the badness is happening. That I’m not being real on both sides of the equation.

I’m guessing that this piece about chilling will start to creep into my work here more and more. Because this is important to me.

Approaching this business thing and still doing big, great projects – but without going off the overworking deep end – is something that I want for everybody.

If you’re intrigued, you can visit the Summer Chill Project to see what’s up.