Do you ever feel like you want to break the rules in business? To do something different, exciting, and out-of-the-box for a change?

My client Andrea J. Lee is challenging the status quo and showing entrepreneurs how to boldly go where other businesses haven’t gone before. And she’s starting with something she’s never done in her 10+ years in business – going on a 3-city road tour. She’ll be teaching what’s working now, what’s not and what’s next for small businesses.

She needed an online campaign for her event to build buzz, get the word out and encourage registrations. It had to flow with her existing company brand. We’re also transitioning her brand to showing Andrea herself in the materials, which hasn’t been a major focus in her brand in the past, because she’s a huge part of the heart and soul of her company.

Here’s part of the resulting marketing kit – a registration website, Facebook banner campaign, and email marketing graphic. Note the strong design consistency between all of the materials, created by her signature red-bar look, the photo, and the text treatment. We added fun to the designs with a little speech bubble from Andrea herself.

It’s generating all sorts of excitement. Sandra DeFreitas of says, “Erin I look at the site and I think “This site is sexy and it knows it”.

The first stop of her tour is next Tuesday in Los Angeles, and there’s still time to sign up – you can visit to find out more. She’ll also be stopping in Dallas and New York! There’s a big version of the invitation below so you can get all the details.