You have a business plan. And a marketing plan. So why don’t you plan out your next moves with your brand?

Just look at what can happen when you plan your brand:

  • A brand plan makes you get strategic about the results you’re getting – and that you plan to get – from your brand. The first step in planning for your brand is to look at what you’ve been doing – what’s worked, what hasn’t, reviewing client reactions, and looking at what could have gone better and what new ideas were sparked along the way. Armed with that kind of knowledge, you can really dig into creating better results with each new step in your brand.
  • A brand plan creates more profit from your brand. When you plan, you can make sure that you’re using all of the existing elements of your brand to your best ability. After all, it doesn’t make strategic sense to invest in designing new things when you may already have materials that you could tweak a bit for your new campaign or project – and that will increase your return on investment.
  • A brand plan encourages consistency. Brand consistency creates momentum and forward motion in your brand. And it makes you look ultra-polished and put together.
  • Most importantly, planning matches the evolution of your brand to your business plan and your marketing plan, to make sure that all of your plans are supporting each other. That way, you’re not scrambling with your designs and materials to meet the goals and dates you’ve set out in your business and marketing plans, scraping things together at the last moment.

How to Plan Your Brand Like A Pro

  1. Get the fre*e Brand Planning Blueprint to help you map out your next steps in your brand.
  2. Look at what you’ve been doing in your brand and with your designs – what’s worked, what hasn’t, reviewing client reactions, and looking at what could have gone better and what new ideas were sparked along the way.
  3. Think about where you want to go next year in your business – what are your goals? How do you want to feel about your business? How much of a leap will you have to make to get there?
  4. Review your brand as a whole and look for any missing pieces. Do you really wish you had a new newsletter template or Facebook profile graphic? How do you feel about your website and what would you like to fix there?
  5. Make a note of any outdated materials you may have in your brand – a package on your website that you’re not selling any longer, an old bio, headshots that don’t look like you. Set dates to make these minor updates by, and think about which designer/photographer/writer you’d like to have help you with your changes.
  6. Look at your business and marketing plans for the next quarter, 6 months or year and see what big launches, relaunches, promotions, programs, events, etc. you’ve got planned. Break it down into a list of what sorts of designs and marketing materials you’ll neeed to support your growth. (An expert can really help you do this quickly, easily and thoroughly – I offer Brandstorming Sessions at to help you do this sort of flash-planning)
  7. For bonus points, create a timeline. Write down when you’re going to launch each thing, and then work with a designer to go over your design needs and come up with start dates, copy deadlines, print timelines, etc. You may start doing this just a month at a time, to keep it simple. This level of organization makes sure that there’s plenty of time for your projects and you don’t get rushed, late-night, last-minute stuff.