Branding and design questions you should ask yourself when planning a new program:

1. How does this relate to your other programs and offerings? Think of them as a family tree, how does this fit in?

2. How do your clients/ people you serve want to feel when they’ve interacted with you? Your design should reflect this emotion.

3. What comes before this program and what could people go into after (you want it to make visual sense in the place where it lands, and to relate to each of your other offerings.)

4. What is the value of this program? If it’s high-end, the design should reflect that by looking more sophisticated. And if it’s lower-end, it can look a bit more casual.

5. How can you use elements of the designs you already have in place to extend the credibility you’ve already built into this new thing? It may be a color palette, font styles, photography, etc. This will also help you create consistency.