Your visual presence is sort of like branding.
Except it’s a whole lot more than just that.

When I used to say, “branding”, people would say… isn’t that just like your logo? Or your website?

Not quite. They’re parts of your brand, but a whole brand is made up of many parts… all of the fine, delicious visual details that show the truth about your business and give it an identity all its’ own.

So I’ve voted in a new word. Presence.

Because presence shows that your thing exists.

A visual presence gives your service or your idea body and shape that can be shared with others.

Because presence is tangible.

Presence has a depth, some oomph behind it. A weight and momentum to it.

Because presence has the capacity to grow and change.

Presence-making is not a one-time event in the life of your business. Your business is a living, growing, changing thing and as it evolves, your presence will shift too. Presence is nimble, and unless you change something at the heart of your business, you shouldn’t have to redesign completely.

Because presence makes an impact.

You can feel a presence when it’s in the room with you, and you’ll know it’s absence in your life when it leaves. Your clients can feel it too. It commands attention.

Look at your designs from this stance.

Do they exude presence?