My designer/ brand strategist heart is singing! I recently coached a client who was considering a not-so-bold vs. bold choice for their website. The resulting coaching has lots to learn from:

The bold choice is more memorable. The more unique elements you use in your design, the more likely it wil be that you’ll stick in your clients’ minds.

Bringing in a wide market with a not-so-memorable brand can give you a lack of results – people might sign up for your newsletter or free gift because they feel comfortable, but may never convert because they don’t feel passionate.

The more you can create a unique feel the more people will feel like you’re the only option for them. Which means clients. It might not mean the biggest list-building numbers – but maybe you’re not strictly looking to build a big list. A small list of big fans can be more responsive.

And then there’s the question of authenticity. Be bold, be different in your brand- so long as it feels like you and you love it. If you’re uncomfortable with the bold, don’t go for it – because your clients will see your discomfort. And that only leads to awkward mistrust.

Show how you really feel. And get the people who feel your emotion and passion behind you and you’ll have the best clients ever!