Andrea J. Lee’s Midas Camp Live! event was a tremendous success – attendees called it her “best event ever”. I worked closely with her in the months leading up to the event and at the event itself to create a look for the event that was whimsical, consistent, and thoughtful – and that captured the spirit of camp and created a feeling of family.

Here are 5 simple lessons on what we designed and why… and how it all turned out:

The invitation: it all starts here.Your event website sets the tone for your entire event. It’s your attendees’ first glimpse into how they’ll feel at the event, and shows them what you’re promising will happen at the event. 
Dress the roomThe details in your event room give your attendees that all-important first impression and help make them feel at home. From what you put at your attendees’ seats, to the posters and banners, to the way the stage is dressed (flowers, chairs, and curtains) to even the PowerPoint slides that are projected on the screen – every bit gives you an opportunity to extend your brand and make everyone feel cozy.
Make the schedule clearAttendees are often concerned about what’s happening when at an event. Instead of hiding the schedule in your event binder or on a worksheet, make it really easy to keep track of. This schedule folds in half and tucks into the attendees’ name badge holder, so they’ll always have it at hand.
Beyond the binderThere’s no rule that says that you have to provide a full printout of all of your PowerPoint slides. And it’s nice to provide something for your attendees to take notes. Consider a custom-printed journal, or creating a small booklet with exercises. 
Simplify your offerHow simply can you explain the thing you’re selling at your event. If your attendees have been learning from you, full-on, for a couple of days then there’s a good chance that their brains will be pretty full by the time you tell them how to take it further. You’re doing them a huge favor if you can tell them what they need to know clearly and in a straightforward way so they can make a decision without feeling overwhelmed.