It’s been just over a year since I hosted The Future of the Free Gift summit, and one trend that I discovered there is still going strong: visual free gifts.

With all of the text overload that’s happening online and in email boxes, you can really stand out by taking a visual approach. Handing out something visual like a poster, a visual roadmap, or a pinnable graphic stands out, gets attention, and can really appeal to creative/ right-brained people in a way that plain text just can’t.

Which is why I’m excited to see the latest from Jeanna Gabellini of MasterPeace Coaching – she’s had a poster and a visual roadmap designed (not by me, I can’t take the design credit) that are eye-catching, different and show how to use this trend to your advantage.

Jeanna and I have known each other for several years and she always puts out great stuff, so I’m not surprised to see this gorgeousness come from her camp!

She’s paired her visuals with an article as well to appeal to even more people and to really be a model of deep generosity.

So, what do you think of this visual approach? Does it appeal to you? Do you feel inspired by the poster? How could you use something like this in your business? I’d love to hear!

So You Want a Quantum Leap in Your Business?

I’ve always been curious about what causes a person, hopelessly stuck in a rut in any of facet of her life, to suddenly break free.

•    How do you lose weight after trying every diet and exercise program and nothing works?

•    How do you finally nail a financial target after being at the same wealth setpoint for decades?

•    How you get a great team to support you after limping along with so-so talent?

•    How do you get a marriage to work after twenty years of brawling?

•    How do you kick a long-term addiction?

When I would first fire off questions to those who had broken free, I thought they would reveal some top-secret strategy that only special people could access. Wrong.

I thought maybe a special guru or product might be behind their success. Wrong, again.

I finally found out what it was — after becoming a coach.

It was that their desire for the breakthrough became focused in the direction of what they wanted. They slammed down their foot and said, “Some how, some way, things are going to change.”

And then what usually got things rolling was focusing on some aspect of their thinking that they hadn’t focused on before.

For instance, I always thought that if I could find a way to tap into a new segment of people who wanted to know more about Law of Attraction, I’d get more sales. My belief was that I had a marketing problem and I needed to solve it.

But when I focused on relaxing my energy around marketing, I’d have record monthly profits with my same list of people that I’d been marketing to for years. It got me thinking that all quantum leaps in business happen because of something you think, not do.

This is crazy mondo big information. Did you get that?

If you want a ginormous shift in growing your business, shift what you’re thinking, not what you’re doing. What you’re doing will automatically shift (with little effort) by refocusing your mindset. I tripled my profits in less than a year by shifting my inner game strategies! (You can grab a visual road map of how I did it here (and, a note from Erin: if you’re looking at new, interesting kinds of free gifts, check this out!).

One of my clients had a huge download of clarity when I told her that her creativity shut down when she thought she ‘should’ do something a specific way. She was thinking that she was just being a resistant business owner and ‘should’ push herself to do things she was told would generate more money.

Another business owner had a breakthrough when I noticed that his judgment of where he thought he ‘should’ be in his finances was the very thing stifling his profits. His homework was to stop putting pressure on himself to market better and just be easy on himself.

Quantum leaps occur because you actually address the real problem with your business. And I can assure you, that every problem in your business is due to the way you think. Every single one.

Every creativity block, profit crisis, system meltdown, and team drama can be healed forever when you decide to refocus in a way that totally empowers you.

May quantum leaps become your norm. Cheers to that!


Jeanna Gabellini is a Master Business Coach who assists high achieving (and inner peace seeking) entrepreneurs to leverage fun, systems and intentionality for high-octane results. Get access to her complimentary webinar Unlock Your Profit Code on June 17 here.