I’m Erin Ferree Stratton, designer.

I collaborate with coaches, authors, and speakers to turn work that matters into full-blown visual and emotional experiences.

I speak in pictures.

So much gets said without using words. When someone tells me their goal or their story, I see it. When I feel something, it’s in color. I’m constantly deepening my visual language skills and new ways to create beautiful brand experiences for myself and my collaborators (view my brand paintings.) We create a whole unspoken language for how their brand looks and feels to the world, so they have a much bigger impact. All that said, I’ve been working with coaches, speakers, authors, and other entrepreneurs for more than 15 years, and it’s honed my strategic thinking. Most of my clients are surprised by this – they are used to working with designers who say “tell me what you want.” Instead, I like to start with “tell me where you’re going”… and then I create the visual and emotional experience that will carry you there.


This is Stanley, who’s kind of a big deal around here.

He’s probably thinking about food right now.


I love making things, hanging with my husband, playing tug-of-war with my dog Stanley, period dramas (I am only slightly obsessed with the seams on the costumes), chilling, making ramen and painting. I’m quite serious about the ramen. We’re talking a 3-day process that leads to real, Japanese ramen here.  My guilty pleasures are fancy meals and fine bourbon.

I don’t actually dream of anything else other than exactly what I’m doing. I’m living my biggest dream right now, living in an adorable house, making beautiful things, working with fun people who do meaningful work and making them look good as they do it. And traveling, every once in a while.

My favorite color just keeps changing. Right now, it’s a tie between aqua and light oyster-grey. But magenta is a close third. (I keep a whole Pinterest board about color.) You can get to know me by hitting me up on Facebook. Just be sure to let me know how you found me in a private message when you friend me so I’ll be sure to accept. And you can get to know my work by visiting the BrandStyle Design Gallery.


Why I Design… and What I Want For You


Because truth is not only spoken; it is seen and it is felt.

Because entrepreneurs doing meaningful work deserve design that says “I know what I’m doing.”

Because beautiful communication connects you to your favorite clients on a deep, visceral, gut-knowing level.

Because I believe beauty not only launches ships, but movements with momentum.

Because attention to detail speaks when words cannot.

Because other people see things in you that you can’t see about yourself.

Because you deserve to take your clients’ breath away.

Because your clients deserve to feel what you stand for and will do for them, before they hire you.

Because I love it and can’t imagine wanting to do anything else.


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