BrandStorming Sessions

A Brandstorming Session Is For You If You:

  • Want to build out the backend strategies to go with your brand
  • Feel like your brand isn’t doing it for you – it doesn’t look as good as you want it to, it doesn’t reflect the most recent developments in your business…
  • Have questions about your brand and you really just want straightforward, smart answers without a big fancy commitment
  • Know your brand designs – or a particular part, like your website – is not working and want ideas on how to make it better

How It Works

A Brandstorming session is a focused, one-on-one, branding consulting session. You tell me what’s going on in your business. Show me what you’ve got going on in your brand now. Describe what you want to have happen. Ask your questions, lay out your ideas. And we zoom from there.


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P. S. Want some samples of problems that have been solved and strategies that have been strategized in Brandstorming sessions? Click here to see ‘em.

Here’s the detailed version of what happens:

  • You get me up to speed before our session by filling out my Brandstorming workbook beforehand – so we don’t waste your precious moments with basics. I come prepared to party.
  • We’ll get together on the phone or via Skype. Ideas happen fast, and don’t often wait for note-taking, so you’ll get a recording… don’t worry about hand-cramps or missing anything.
  • After brief “hello” at the beginning of the call, I like to cut right to the chase so you get the most out of the session.
  • Then… action! Questions, digging deeper, ideas, problems, solutions, strategies, and magic. This part’s the highly-customized, working on your business part… where we’re working on your brand and business, building towards your goals.
  • We’ll bring things to completion by sorting through the ideas, organizing, and pinpointing your high-impact next steps.